The Cleavage Planes of Southwest Minerals [A Love Story] (winner of the 2017 Split Rock Review chapbook contest, 2018)

The Philosophy of Unclean Things (Finishing Line Press, January 2017)

The Book of Emergencies (Five Oaks Press, December 2014; 2nd edition, December 2017)

Poetry (selected)

from Emily’s Advice to Girls in the New Millennium, A Dozen Nothing, October 2021.

from Emily’s Advice to Girls in the New Millennium, Digging Through the Fat, April 2021.

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CatheXis Northwest (2 poems), February 2019

isacoustic* (6 poems from Corpus Callosum), May 2018

Shrew Literary Zine (3 poems), May 2018 

Unlost: a journal of found poetry and art, “Into the Union,” May 2018

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Birds Piled Loosely, from 17 Letters (5 poems), October 2017

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The Revolution (Relaunch)

The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature (3 flash memoirs), summer 2019

Into the Void, “The Topography of Sex and Survival,” summer 2019

AZ Republic, “Poetry spot: National Poetry Month celebrates the power of verse, ” April 2019

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