The Cleavage Planes of Southwest Minerals [A Love Story] (winner of the 2017 Split Rock Review chapbook contest, forthcoming)

The Philosophy of Unclean Things (Finishing Line Press, January 2017)

The Book of Emergencies (Five Oaks Press, December 2014)



Recent Publications

Birds Piled Loosely, from 17 Letters (5 poems), October 2017

Split Rock Review, “The Audubon Guide to Relationships, Plate No. 142 & 147,” Fall 2017

Breathe Free Press, “Broken Wandering Scavenger,” Summer 2017

The Blackstone Review (2 poems), June 2017

Two Hawks Quarterly (3 poems), June 2017

Pages Per Content, “(Re)Cultivating a Habit,” April 2017

West Texas Review, “Anti-Chlorinated Feminism,” March 2017

Phoenix Magazine (#52), “Civic Space Park,” March 2017

The Wax Paper, “for cummings and the very beautifully suddenly rendering death and forever,” April 2016 

Helen Literary Magazine (3 poems), April 2016

Stonecoast Review, “Infidelity,” December 2015

The Poet’s Billow (2 poems), summer 2015