Live/Taped Interviews

IN THE NEWS | AZ Republic Guild

“Monsoon Stories 2020: Disaster Drills” (August 2020)

“Lack of Arts Funding Threatens Important Voices And Economic Growth In Arizona” (June 2020)

“National Poetry Month” (April 2020)

“New Women’s Rights Publication Spearheaded By Phoenix Poet Laureate Rosemarie Dombrowski” (Jan. 2020)

“Pushing Back: The Revolution (Relaunch)” (Sept. 2019)

“Rosemarie Dombrowski on Taking Poetry to the Streets” (Feb. 2019)

“Instagram Poetry Gaining in Popularity” (Jan. 2018)

“Phoenix Announces City’s First Poet Laureate” (Dec. 2016)

“Arizona Poet Celebrates Oddity in The Philosophy of Unclean Things” (July 2016)

“ASU Lecturer Creates Rinky Dink Press, Publishes Short Poems”  (April 2016)

Season 24 | Phoenix, Arizona | Antiques Roadshow | PBS

“Meet the poets with typewriters at First Fridays,” Art in the 48 (March 2020)

“Healing benefits of poetry,” AZ Horizon (March 2020)

Announcing the Inagural Phoenix Poet Laureate, AZ Horizon (January 2017)

PHXTV Live - YouTube

Poet Laureate Reading at Desert Sage (7/17)

On Location with Councilwoman Pastor (2/17)

Poet Laureate Announcement Ceremony (12/16)

Annual Check-In with Rosemarie Dombrowski (Dec. 2018)

Rosemarie Dombrowski (Dec. 2017)

Rinky Dink Press (Dec. 2016)

Four Chambers Press (Dec. 2016)

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“Poetry Still has a Pulse” (4/17)

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On the Grid Interview (5/17)